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Extra Credit Assignment: Japanese American Museum On my visit to the Japanese American Museum I learned plenty of History from a culture that I would have never pictured myself going into depth with. I learned of the roots of the Japanese, religion, and injustices that they faced throughout decades. Within all this I also learned what was the communities way of communication. To begin with, the growing root for Japanese American communities was from 1908-1924. In Hawaii plantation owners thought that Japanese women should migrate since they believed the work that women provided was up to par with what they expected. In the Mainland’s men were usually single due to laws prohibiting them from marrying white women. A rising of a anti-Japanese movement called the “Gentlemen’s Agreement” arose in 1907-8 involving California and Japan, making it so that no more Japanese immigrants would be allowed to migrate to U.S soil, but a loophole was found that made it possible for women to join their families across states. Due to traditional marriages of the Japanese custom marriages would be planned. The way this process went was an exchange of pictures and letters and eventually the wife’s moved the U.S with their future husbands but were married legally in Japan. Next, the Japanese immigrants culture was being Buddhist, a religion that offers a spiritual path for transcending the suffering of existence. Some of them integrated Shinto, which was an ancient religion in Japan and the

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