Japanese And Japanese War During The 1930 ' S Essay

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Introduction The mid-1930’s was an extremely turbulent time in the Far East. The Soviets and Japanese had been at each other’s throats since the Russo-Japanese War from 1904 to 1905. The Treaty of Portsmouth ended the war in September 1905, which had given the Japanese South Manchuria and gave them the lease on the Liaotung Peninsula. This important because the Japanese would create the Kwantung Army to defend this area. “The number of regular troops Japan might station in the Kwantung Territory was not stipulated by treaty, but the initial strength of the Kwantung Garrison amounted to two regular army divisions and fortress units stationed at Port Arthur and Dairen.” The Japanese were going to defend their newly acquired territory with this sizeable force. The Japanese also benefitted from World War I because they were able to put more forces into Manchuria and they were able to get concessions from China, which gave them more control over Manchuria. The Japanese had control over this part of the world. The Japanese would also attempt again to take advantage of a great situation. In 1917, the Russian tsar collapsed and plunged Russia into civil war and revolution and they were able to capture most of Manchuria. The Japanese were invited to the Washington armament conference of 1921, but it was because the Allies from World War I were trying to take away the land acquired by the Japanese. The Japanese had agreed to give up the Shantung province and withdrew
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