Japanese Animation: A Global Cultural Phenomenon Essay

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Astro Boy, Doraemon, Pokémon, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, Shinchan, many of us may heard about one or few of these names despite where we come from, they are some of the famous Japanese animations, which have worldwide influences and have become more than a regional pop culture, but a transnational culture phenomenon. Like many transnational pop cultures, the reasons of why they can be popular in other countries while others cannot are complicated, it may relate with the social environment, cultural background, and many other factors. This article will briefly introduce the history and development o Japanese animations, and analyze their influences and reasons of why they become a worldwide cultural phenomenon.
Today Japan has become the
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Japanese animation firstly became popular in Japan, but because of the common cultural background shared by Japan and most countries in Asia, Japanese animations soon gained popularity in other Asian countries as well. China began to import Japanese animation in 1980s, the first Japanese animation played in Chinese television is Astro Boy, imported by CCTV (China Central Television). This animation was given for free to CCTV as a gift by Casio, a Japanese electronics manufacturing company, in exchange, Casio required that its advertisements must be played along with the animation. Astro boy caused significant influence in China, until today, most Chinese with ages over 25 can still remember the name and the story of this animation.
After Astro Boy was played in Chinese television, many other Japanese animations were imported by other television stations in China. For example, Doraemon, which tells a story of a robotic cat called Doraemon who travels back through time from 22nd century, it is not a science fiction animation based on rigorous scientific theory, but the imaginative story and creative technology it contains did influence many people, and is considered to be the first teacher in science for many children. Other animations including Slam Dunk and Captain Tsubasa are also considered to be responsible for