Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor

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Sometimes a battle is more than just a fight between two opposing forces, as it can be a turning point in history. On December 7, 1941, the United States was in a state of shock as Japan decided to launch an attack on the naval base of Pearl Harbor. It was completely unexpected as many sailors thought the attack was just a drill, but in the end, it resulted in many casualties. Japan’s decision to attack Pearl Harbor was a mistake because the United States declared war on Japan the day after the attack. The United States decision to join World War II was a major support to the Allies, as it eventually led to the defeat of the Axis powers. Thus, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was a turning point in history as it brought a nation…show more content…
Once the Japanese planes reached Hawaii, the Japanese commander Fuchida made a famous saying: “Tora! Tora! Tora!” (Yamamoto). Tora in translation meant “tiger”, which meant that the Japanese caught the United States by surprise. When the attack began, many sailors thought it was just a drill as many were still sleeping. The sailors finally realized it was not a drill when the explosions started happening. Within the first hour, the Japanese did a lot of damage to the American ships as the Arizona was completely destroyed. Over eleven hundred sailors died on the Arizona as it was hit by several bombs, causing the ship to sink. Along with the Arizona, the Oklahoma was hit by several torpedoes and caused it to capsize, trapping many sailors inside of the ship. The naval base was not the only target that was attacked, as some planes from the first waves were diverted to the United States airfields. Many American aircrafts were taken out which helped prevent the Americans from fighting back. Just before 10:00 AM, the attack was over, but not before it caused over twenty four hundred American deaths, including sixty eight civilian deaths. One hundred and eighty eight American aircrafts were destroyed while only twenty nine Japanese aircrafts were destroyed. This attack completely surprised the United States, as this attack was just the beginning of a major tension with Japan.
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