Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor

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It is no question that people living in the United States in this current generation blame the Japanese for the attack on Pearl Harbor and will seize any opportunity to bring it up as an insult. However, do they consider why the Japanese did it? What was their reason for committing such an act? Why would Japanese soldiers give up their lives for such an act? It is never brought up and dismissed as if they were simply soulless monsters who attacked the U.S. out of hate. Another thing people don’t consider is the time this attack occurred: World War II— a time of war. The Japanese had a reason for such a risky attack and it was not an easy decision for them to make. This is not to justify their actions, but rather to take in consideration of the time period and making it clear as to why it was a reasonable decision to the Japanese at the time. The Japanese viewed the U.S.’s inactivity in the war and its The Great Depression as an opportunity to obtain more territory in the Pacific. The Japanese’s intelligence on the American navy was also very limited and led them to think that “…if Japanese naval forces took out the American Pacific carriers at Pearl Harbor, there was simply no way for America, at least in the immediate future, to contradict any of their Pacific agendas” (Davis, Source 1: "Real Reason Japanese Attacked Pearl Harbor"). The Japanese thought that if anything the United States would enter into a negotiation or respond weakly to the attack as its naval base was
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