Japanese Attack On Pearl Harbor

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1941: Attack on Pearl Harbor: On December 7, 1941, Japanese military attacked the American naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. This surprise attack left over two thousand people dead and destroyed a majority of the base’s planes and battleships. The United States had previously been neutral and did not have involvement in World War II, but, as a result of the attack, the United States declared war on Japan. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is an important event in history because it is what brought the United States into World War II.

1945: Victory in Europe Day: World War II ended in Europe on May 8, 1945 with the surrender of Nazi Germany to Allied forces. Nazi Germany had weakened so drastically, that a recovery was virtually
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1948-1951: Marshall Plan: World War II left significant damage in western European countries. The United States created the Marshall Plan to provide economic support to these countries after the war. They wanted to rebuild regions destroyed by war, modernize industry, and stabilize economy. The United States was afraid of communism rising in these damaged countries because of the weak economic conditions that resulted from the war. Also, the United States considered western European countries to be strong areas for trade and investment and they did not want to risk not having these relations because of communism. The Marshall Plan successfully contributed to the rehabilitation of western European economies and set the basis of the European economic systems that exist today.

1950-1953: Korean War: The first major conflict of the Cold War was fought between North and South Korea. North Korea’s government was communist while South Korea’s was capitalist, so the two separate states did not get along well enough to unify as one. On June 25, 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea in attempt to gain control of the entire country. The United States decided to enter the Korean War and provide support for South Korea. The two Korean states fought for three years before eventually reaching an agreement that maintained the north and south division of the country. This was an
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