Japanese Canadians And Japanese Canadian Americans

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The government had interfered with their legal rights and did not give them equal protection under the law. Simply, the decision of putting the Japanese Canadians into these camps where they were racially discriminated, which negatively impacted on the Japanese Canadians. The Japanese Canadians cannot simply change the color of their skin or who they are due to something others are responsible for, and not the responsibility of them individually. The discrimination that Japanese Canadians faced psychologically damaged the brains and had isolated them from the rest of the world because they were categorized as inadequate individuals. Japanese Canadians were being stereotyped as “enemy aliens” even though they had not done anything which would harm anyone. According to (Marsh, 2012), during 1943, Alberta needed workers, but refused to hire the Japanese, some of the Alberta farmers that did hire Japanese workers crowded them into small shacks, and cheated them of their wages. This negatively impacted the money of the Japanese Canadians earned for survival, and it also interfered with their well-being and health. According to the National Museum of American History in 1943 every resident in the internment camps were required to complete one of two questionnaires misleadingly entitled “Application for Leave Clearance” to distinguish whether they were “loyal” or “disloyal”. After Pearl Harbour all of the citizens of Japanese ancestry had been classified 4-C “enemy aliens”. This

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