Essay about Japanese Colonialism and Modernization in Korea

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Japanese Colonialism and Modernization in Korea

There have been many accounts that attempt to identify why Japan
entered Korea with such force and why it subjected its people to some
of the horrific treatment that they were given. Most schools of
thought concentrate on the fact that Japan needed an empire to stand
any chance of competing with Britain, and later America, on the world
stage. Britain’s insertion into China was a reality check for Japan
who saw how close Britain’s empire was to their homeland. In addition
Japans army would almost certainly wane under the pressure from
Britain if it came down to it. Therefore it was essential for Japan to
build an empire, if not for conventional reasons
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However to sustain control
Japan needed more resources and these were perceived to be in Korea.

By this point Korea had begun modernisation. It was well on its way to
modernizing and it had imported vast amounts of machinery from China
and Russia to help with its agricultural boom. Industries were also
growing fast as mining became a more common sight around the outskirts
of Seoul. Consequently the Korean army begun to find its feet and its
size doubled over the second half of the nineteenth century.

This was a threat to Japan but even more so was the belief in Korea
that they had established themselves as the Far East’s strongest
economy. Moreover they also considered themselves to have a stronger
army than Japans. All this was the direct result of modernisation
where its power evolved. Unemployment in Korea had fallen and in
comparison to Japans internal issues and population issues, Korea was
settled and content.

After 1868 Meiji rulers began to modernise in Japan who felt that any
modernisation in Korea had to be overshadowed by Japan. By 1894 the
Japanese had built up an empire and it was not a victim to colonial
Imperial powers. In effect Japan was using the western powers as its
benchmark for the future.

Although a key reason for invading Korea was its threat of