Japanese Culture Analysis Essay

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When most people think about Japan they come up with two opposing images. One image reflects the busy day life of this island; filled with salary man and companies. While the second image features an explosion of colorful LED lights and clubs that are common within the nightlife. Today in present day, Japan has evolved and flourished to become one of the top growing economies and industries in the world. Making Japan a prime and excellent area for jobs to prosper. One of these modern jobs that have flourished is the Hostess lifestyle. Known in modern society as the elegant young women who entertain men, this lifestyle can be traced to many other types of jobs residing in Japan. While a subtler job career opposing the hostess lifestyle are…show more content…
But since there are different kinds of hostess clubs there are four general rules that they all share, “four factors, however, are universal: the hostess must be, or must act like, a woman; the hostess must treat the customer as a superior and tend to his various desires; the service, while alluding to sex, cannot proceed to genital penetration or oral sex; and the service is conducted primarily at the level of conversation.” (Allison, Anne) Since hostessing relies primarily on conversation, they are in many ways, similar to the enchanting guardians of Japanese culture, Geisha. Conversing, pouring drinks, and flirting are things these two careers share. The only differences Geisha have compared to hostesses are the place, cost, appearance and exclusivity they have. Hostesses are in small, modern
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