Japanese Dining History and Foods of Izakaya and Japanese Table Manners

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Japanese cuisine has developed over two hundred years and influenced by both China and Korea. In Asia, rice has been the major staple food in many countries. However, in Japan, rice has also been used to brew sake, a traditional alcohol drink which always appears in every kinds of Japanese restaurant today, such as Izakaya. Traditionally, a meal contains a bowl of rice and seasoned side dishes for each one person. (Naomichi Ishige 2000) However, in Izakaya type restaurant, people sharing food is a unique izakaya tradition.
Japanese cuisine first became to a distinctive style of cookery in Nara and Heian eras. In Kamakura eras, Japanese cuisine was influenced by Chinese Buddhist-inspired and developed vegetarian cuisine in Japanese dining …show more content…

The menu of traditional izakaya restaurant is created by hand written and placed on the wall. Once they have new item, just write it on a piece paper and place it on the wall. This tradition became a unique eating izakaya environment. Japanese always know the best delicious food will not be on regular menu but on somewhere of the wall.
The common foods in izakaya are yakitori, grilled beef tongue, beef tataki, tempura, butter clams, Gyoza and broiled whole squid, etc. Yakitori is one of famous Japanese grilled appetizers that threads bited-size chicken onto skewers and alternat with green onion, grill the chicken skewers on both sides, and then brush the sauce three times when the meat starts changing color. Grilled beef tongue has the same way to grill as yakitori. Beef tataki is a raw beef dish which is served with onion and ponzu sauce, the special Japanese sauce. Butter clams are made with onion and butter and broiled until the clams has been well to eat. Gyoza is Japanese dumpling that filled with pork and vegetable and then fry in pan until it becomes golden color. Broiled whole squid is made with a little bit of sake for covering the fishing smell and after done cut the squid into several rounds and dressing with Japanese grilled sauce. Miso is a Japanese traditional food which is made with fermenting rice, barley or soybeans and salted them with kōjikin. Sometimes, Japanese will have skewers dip into miso sauce. In traditional Japanese

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