Japanese Education Essay

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Japanese Education

Japan is a country that takes education very seriously. This may be understood by the remarkable achievement that has been made. Japan=s education system played a major role in enabling the country to meet the challenges presented by the need to quickly understand Western ideas, science, and technology in the Meiji Period. It was also a key factor in Japan=s recovery and fast growth in the years that followed World War II. We can=t assume that education is the only thing that shaped the country, but can we say that it was a major influence in prosperity and welfare. Despite what may have happened before, it is clear that the education reform was necessary to build back up Japan=s prosperity in the
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First, they sent hundreds of young children to countries like U.S., France, Germany, and England to learn of Western technology and how it was used. Second, they paid several thousands of people to teach Japanese how to railroad construction, modern agriculture, and establish a wide range of institutions that will setup jobs. With this start, the young Meiji Emperor decided knowledge should be looked at as the entire world, which is what happened through the Meiji Restoration. During this era Japan=s schools displayed American curriculums. As a mission to send students to the Untied States, they spent time observing American approaches to school and used America=s schools as a model for Japan. In the year 1872, some years after the Restoration, Japan came up with the Fundamental Code of Education. The Code consists of a plan to have a national educational system, with repeated trial and error they established a centralized education. This was made up of eight university districts, each subdivided into 32 middle school districts, and then divided into 210 primary school districts. By the year 1880, the use of the American approach for education was coming to a close. They were trying a more conservative and nationalistic approach; they called this moral education shushin. Now that the Meiji approach of teaching is out, Japan's new education reflected AImperial Rescript on Education@(12). This document which helped

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