Japanese Gardens : A Garden Style

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Japanese Gardens is a garden style that originated in Japan with a design elements that in line with the Buddhism belief. Buddhist teaching is symbolized in the different elements are make up the garden as a whole. The specific element that will be focused on in this paper is water, stone, architectural elements of paths, stone lanterns, pagodas and bridges. Buddhism religion was used in the inspiration of all the elements in the Japanese Gardens. The Japanese Garden that used to break down the broad scope of all the different elements is a Japanese Garden. I chose to use a Japanese Garden I have visit multiple times at the Dubuque Arboretum and Botanical Garden here in town. In this garden the all the key elements of the garden used in this garden. In Japanese Gardens, water is one of the basic elements in the water surface of the garden is the basis over which the whole garden composition, it symbolizes the continuous flow of time and life change elements in the garden (5 Japanese Garden Elements). Water is also associated with cleansing and purification in most cultures, even if it does not possess the powerful sacred qualities it does in Japan (Jonas, 5). The One of the specific ways water incorporated through a water basin, which is a circular moss encrusted basin that has the mellowness and refined character and they are placed on the ground among plants and under tall trees, it catches and reflects back the light from above, bringing added life to a dark spot…

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