Japanese Imperialism In The Late 19th Century

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Augustas Veniukevicius Teacher Mr. Fulmer Modern Global History 10 11 November 2015 Japanese imperialism Before Japanese imperialism, Japan used closed policy. Merchant’s intrusion from Europe and North America, caused changes in international community, and the country arise like aggressive, imperial country. Japan wanted to annex more and more lands, especially in 19th century end, and later it caused five official colonies in Asia. Merchants forced Japan to create relationship with other countries. Their relationship proves ‘’Gentlemen’s Agreement’’. In 19th century, permission was given to Japanese and other Asians to emigrate to North America, mostly to California. The Agreement was written in 1909 In San Francisco, because of the United States’ government decision to segregate Japanese children from USA’s children. Chinese kids had been discerned, therefore government wanted to discern Japanese and Korean kids for several reasons. First of…show more content…
Japan had control of those islands until World war II end. In summary, Japan Fought in many wars, for example Russo-Japanese War, Sino-Japanese War. Japan took many materials from its’ colonies like raw materials, farmland, lumber, other resources. In addition, they had different view of imperialism than Europe. ‘’With many similarities to the West, Japanese imperialism differed from Western imperialism in that it was the first non-Western imperial power, and that it rose to imperial status after facing colonization by the West. Like Western powers, Japanese expansion was fueled with Social Darwinism, and racism’’(Indiana University, Unknown author). Japan had normal relationship with USA they signed ‘’The Gentlemen’s Agreement’’, but with other western countries they had disagreements. For example, they had problems with Germany, and France, but the main wars were against Russia and
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