Japanese Internment Essay : Japanese American Internment

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Ly 1 David Ly Mr. Carelback US History April 23, 2016 Japanese-American Internment Essay Humanity has seen great horrors throughout the course of history, one them being the Holocaust during World War II. As we look down upon the Germans of that time, the U.S. had their very own holocaust. President Roosevelt issued the Executive Order #9066 on February 19, 1942, which allowed the relocation of tens and thousands of Japanese Americans to internment camps, stripping them of their rights; the reason being that these U.S. citizens were of Japanese descent. There are other possible reasons Japanese were sent to these camps, such as being secure after the attack on Pearl Harbor; however, social and racial attitudes was most significant because Japan attacked, and there was a war going on, so what chances are there that more Japanese won’t follow, whereas the other two were formed from that discrimination and racism. The Pearl Harbor attack gave an opening for racist propaganda to take affect. One of these propaganda posters, “Waiting for the Signal From Home” shows many stereotypical Japanese people in line to receive TNT all across the western coast (PM Magazine). This racist picture illustrates the Japanese with lines as eyes and all looking the same. The building in the picture named “Honorable 5th Column” stands for a group of people that undermine a nation within. The message here shows how the Japanese are preparing for another attack and waiting for the signal to attack
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