Japanese Internment : Japanese American Internment

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Alicia Alley February 25, 2016 Social Studies/ English Ms. Long/ Mr. Young The Japanese American Internment Was the Japanese American internment right to create? In some people’s opinion they agreed that the internment camps were justified. “On February 14, 1942, I recommended to the War Department that the military security of the Pacific Coast required the establishment of broad civil control, anti-sabotage and counter-espionage measures, including the evacuation, there from of all persons of Japanese ancestry” (Dewitt 1). Some people may have thought it was the wrong choice, but at the time the president did what had to be done. These camps in a way helped the U.S. The internment for Japanese Americans,during World War 2, is either justified or unjustified.They may have taken the Japanese American’s Farms, businesses and homes, but they did for the reasons of segregating them from their ancestry. To keep the U.S. safe. Also to show that being a citizen of America was hard. If the internment camps were justified then, they were made to keep the U.S. safe, segregate Japanese Americans from Japanese ancestry, and being an American citizen was hard work. If the internment camps were justified then, they were created to get Japanese Americans away from their ancestry. “Decided that the military urgency of the situation demanded all citizens of Japanese ancestry be segregated from the West Coast” (Black 4). The military needed loyalty to make sure they made the right
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