Japanese Internment : The United States

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In the spring of 1942, the United States placed some 110,000 persons of Japanese descent in protective custody. Two out of every three of these were American citizens by birth; one-third were aliens forbidden by law to be citizens. There was no reason for us to try and get rid of all of our Japanese-Americans.There was 3 main causes of Japanese-Internment. One reason was because at the time there was a lot of racism in America. Another reason for Japanese-Internment was Within three months after transportation from the west coast had been ordered, this entire group of women,men, and children had been lodged in momentary assembly centers, such as camp harmony in Washington. No charges had been filed against these people nor, had any hearing been held. Evacuation was on racial, grounds. Germans and other enemy aliens were not removed. Nor were Chinese and Koreans, who belong to the same race as the Japanese. But all persons having any Japanese blood, however slight, were forced out. We rushed ourselves, the evacuation of the Japanese seemed merely a minor incident of the war. But as the shock of finding ourselves at war gradually dissipated, the nation began to be annoyed about many aspects of the Japanese-Internment. They began to ask whether it squared with our democratic ideals. If the issues were unclear at the outset, they became increasingly involved with each new step of the program. As the danger of an invasion of the west coast receded, measures were taken which no
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