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Japanese Martial Arts In Japan, especially during the earlier periods of Japanese history such as the Tokugawa, physical adeptness was much revered and valued. This was mainly because of the fact that these strengths were the basis on which much of the population depended upon for survival during these fairly turbulent periods. Throughout time, Japan has been a very organized and scrupulous society, and even its style of physical combat has been sorted into specific categories according to what particular method is being used or referred to. These ways of fighting, primitive in the fact that they do not use automated weapons, are generally called “Martial Arts” and include the following categories: Kenjutsu, which uses swords, …show more content…
It was used in mortal combat by Japanese Samurai, and has evolved into the more modern form of Kendo. Kyudo, which refers to the sport of Archery, was very widely used throughout the Tokugawa period and also as long as the Samurai have existed. It uses bamboo to form it’s bows and arrows and was most commonly practiced on horseback, the skill of being able to shoot well and ride at the same time was very well revered at the time of the Samurai because it was not an easy task, a samurai who had mastered these skills had a very large advantage over a less experienced Samurai who was not skilled enough to ride and shoot at once. Jujutsu, Japanese for “art of gentleness”, is a method that uses “holds, chokes, throws, trips, joint-locks, and some kicks and strikes. It’s origins are lost, but experts conclude that it began in the 15th or 16th century and was used during the Tokugawa period, especially by the Samurai warriors. Sumai, meaning “struggle”, is an ancient type of wrestling which is dated from 23 BC. Sumai uses “pushing, pulling, slapping, throwing, and grappling”. Karate, Japanese for “empty hand”, is an unarmed method of self-defense that uses “punches, strikes, kicks, or blocks.” Karate originated in the 1500’s and is very widely practiced, it is the most popular method of Japanese unarmed combat today.

The Martial Arts originated in East Asia, but their beginnings are very much myth and legend, and therefore it is impossible to establish

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