Japanese Overfishing : A Global Issue

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Olivia Cumsky
02 December 2015
IL Final Executive Summary

Japanese Overfishing
A Global Issue

Currently, the Japanese are pushing Bluefin tuna to the brink of extinction. The Bluefin tuna has a lot of value because the Japanese eat a lot of raw fish, including tuna, and the Bluefin tunas specifically are very large and, thus, provide a lot of meat. To examine the effects of Japanese overfishing of Bluefin tuna on a global scale, one must also give regard to the environmental as well as the economic and socioeconomic effects of overfishing due to the globalization of the seafood industry in general. While it is true that, culturally, Japan relies the most heavily on marine life as a staple in their diet, the entire global population has used fish as a major source of protein since methods to capture them were first developed. The largest number of killings of these small cetaceans occurs in Japanese waters: “Throughout the past twenty years, it is estimated that more than four hundred thousand dolphins have been slaughtered by Japanese fishermen.” (Adam 138). Because many other countries share waters with Japan and have thus been socially and economically affected by these overfishing practices, Japanese overfishing has become a global international legal issue.
The overfishing of bluefin tuna and other marine life in the North Pacific have caused not only environmental issues, but economic and social ones as well. Fishing has been a very…
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