Japanese Politics : Japan 's Political System

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Japanese Politics in the Shadows Japan’s political system remarkably mirrors that of the west, especially that of the United States. However, the method of how Japan’s politicians carry out their agendas and gather voter support takes place in backstage politics which has now prompted people to demand for a more transparent government that work for them and not for the game of politics. This backstage politics has caused a disconnection between the national leaders and the people that they represent because they now have to take into account the need of a particular group or person over the population they represent. Fortunately, there has been a growing movement in Japan where the people are starting to actively show their discontent and want for reform.
Japanese politics can be separated into two different political zones; local and national politics. Each zones use utilize the same V structure of organization, but it is when we reach the national scene that we find the disconnection between the politician and the people. The manner in which political relationships are develop and maintain in Japan are influenced by the inverted V structure of organization (what is actual term for this) (Hendry, 199). In order for politicians to build a reputation for themselves within a local community and later the national political scene they need participate in the exchange and reciprocity cycle. This means that politicians give people their own time and energy in exchange for
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