Japanese Popular Rock Music And Japanese Culture

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Japanese Popular Rock Music Japanese popular music and Japanese popular culture is heavily influenced by Western culture through similar characteristics such as instruments, rhythm, style, and language. When listening to J-pop songs, most people tend to think that they might have heard these songs before despite ever listening to those songs. This familiarity is due to the fact that J-pop songs derive from many aspects of the Western music style. The individuality could come from the arrangement of songs, voice of singers, differences in language, or some combination of the three. All J-pop songs have a common characteristic of individuality and familiarity signifying that they are similar to existing music, but these characteristics are also dissimilar in any ways. J-Pop is a genre that is both a unique yet familiar genre of music that many people of different cultures can enjoy. The Eastern Asian music stylings of J-pop often merge with musical stylings of American music. An example of a J-pop music artist is Nano, a bilingual J-Pop/J-Rock artist, who created songs such as “No Pain No Game” and “Now or Never” from the album "N”. Both songs exhibit uses electric guitar, bass, a drum set and lead vocals, which are also used in the Rock genre. The songs also uses synthesized or electric music, which comes from most Western Pop music. Nano also uses a multitude of English lyrics as well as Japanese lyrics in her songs, as many J-pop artists do. Nano 's strong Rock-like

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