Japanese Project Management

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Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 57 (2012) 193 – 200

The 8th International Conference on Asia Pacific Business Innovation and Technology

A Comparative Approach of Japanese Project
Management in Construction, Manufacturing and IT
Low Foon Siang a*, Chong Heap Yiha a Faculty of Engineering & Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, 53300 Setapak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

An effective project management approach is key to obtaining successful projects. In this study, a review of the three main industries that practise project management is conducted. This paper focusses on the application of
Japanese project management (JPM) methods, namely
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The essence of P2M is focussed on the profiling ideas of complexity to implementation and finding solutions to complex issues [2]. Overall, the basic context of P2M defines program and program management as a practical capability to respond to external changes, allowing flexibility that copes with ambiguity, complexity, uncertainty and expandability [5].
Subsequently, Japanese companies experienced a deflationary depression in the 1990s. To survive and regain their global competitiveness, the Japanese looked for solutions in the kaikaku (reforms or innovative reforms) of business management, organization and technology. Kaikaku Project
Management (KPM) is an advanced version of P2M. KPM consists of three significant Japanese elements for successful performance: 3K-kakusin (innovation), kaihatsu (development) and kaizen
(improvement). In organizational models, 3S (scheme, system, service) project models in terms of lifecycle in value creation paradigm are proposed, and KPM is the core management for integration and innovation by 3S/3K combined methodology [8]. Companies that construct their organizations with the elements of KPM, namely innovation, development and reform, while being aware of the project models, will have a project management system that functions well, and often such a case leads to successful projects [9].
The KPM method explores the enhanced methodology of strategy
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