Japanese Soldiers: The Samurai Essay

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They were the strongest classes of military in Japan till 17th century, as they were declined. Their appearance was due to the need of secure in Japan during the generation of conquer. The lords of Japan used these well-trained fighters to defend their lands against enemies. Because of the good strategic fighting skills, since the samurai was a kid, he was already a fine fighter. They were miraculously strong warriors, their skills with the sword fighting were amazing. While this, landowners, also known as Daimio, hired samurai warriors both to protect themselves and to attack other daimyo.
Both lords and daimyo had many peasants working for them. Farming was the main economic activity on both European and Japanese estates. In addition, the governments and landowners of both regions relied on professionally trained soldiers for protection. These soldiers were called knights in Europe. In Japan, they were known as samurai.
The word “samurai” literally means “the one who serves,” but they were also rarely called “bushi.” This word came from two syllables – “bu,” as “destiny,” and “shi,” as “knife.” Together, these two words formed a single word, which meant “warrior.”
From the first day of their birth, if the samurai’s son was the next person who will get the legacy of experience of his father, or his parents were in passion to train him to become a warrior, the kid was training as early as it was possible. Usually, it mostly happened, if the kid’s fathers and grandfathers…