Japanese Trade Regulation And Restrictions

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Japan is a major economy power in the world. Ever since isolation ended and started to open to the other countries for importing and exporting, Japan has became one of the biggest and significant player in trading. Japanese economy nowadays depend on greatly on key exports products such as vehicle and manufacture goods to mainly U.S., China and Korea. However, many countries have been complaining against Japan’s technical barriers and overly strict regulation on trade. Japan has such complex and overly strict inspection on import products and requires import goods to be licensing before the goods can be entering in Japan and before its set to be sold. In this paper, I will be examining the overview of Japanese trading regulation and restriction, compare and contrast to Chinese trade regulation and restriction, Japan’s unreasonable limitation of importing vehicle to auto market and finally the reasons of U.S-Japan trade deficit. Unlike United States, Japanese business is mainly regulated by governmental system. The involvement of the Japanese government, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industrial (METI), plays essential roles of the trade regulations such as standards, bans and restriction and policy making in Japan. Japan is disreputable for maintains complex technical regulation on products that has overly strict strands on importing goods and services. For example, many imported goods are tested and not allow to be sold without certification of standards
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