Japanese Value Honor And Family

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To say the Japanese culture value family is an understatement. To say they value honor is a no brainer. What many don’t know is just how deep these values go, as well as how often they are reflected in their literature. In the past the Japanese valued honor, now they call it saving face in our modern times. Both terms mean the same thing and can be lost or earned almost the same way. The Japanese value honor and family, both are equally displayed in various works of literature. The Tale of the Heike gives prime examples of how the Japanese honor others and themselves. The tale also shows how the Japanese culture values family of their own as well as others. Honor, when one hears the word your chin rises and you’re eager to show your face. This is why today they use the term “saving face”. Japanese people ancient and modern are very big are bringing honor to one’s self and family. The Heike were considered great samurai in ancient times, today they are compared to businessmen. “The Japanese businessman is compared to a Samurai warrior” (Basics of Japanese Culture) like samurai they used a mask to hide their identity, only after a battle was the winner able to reveal his opponents true identity. This is done in business today when two business 's come into negotiations neither know what the other truly wants. Only after usually nonverbal cues and various questions worded in ways to get their opponent to reveal themselves do they reveal the other business’s desires or
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