Japanese and Australian Culture: Food and Cuisine

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Food and cuisine is one of the most important and influential aspects of how a country's culture is shaped and by looking at how this has been accomplished, it is clear to see direct links between dishes and aspects of Japanese and Australian Culture. REFERENE By researching a meal from each country, Okonomiyaki and Damper, connections are made and analysed between identity, culture and the communication.
Cuisine is a big factor in the identity of a culture and many people will list food as a factor that makes a country what it is, even using Damper for an example, many people see it is an Australian classic and part of Australia's history. Analysing these two iconic recipes, we can begin to view what kinds of communication is used and
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Okonomiyaki was invented before the Second World War and both during and post war it was extremely popular.
Damper is such a popular dish and one reason is that it is so famous because it has strong roots in australia.The damper was made by both Australia aboriginals and swagmen alike. Damper is classically known to be served with billy tea and because of the shortage of 'true' traditional food in Australia, this is somewhat special as it has been passed down and made for centuries. Okonomiyaki has been famous for a long time because of the sudden popularity before the Second World War. It started out as a snack food and has grown into a lunch item with specialist restaurants. Okonomiyaki is almost never served at normal restaurants, and this is a reason that it has become so famous. Okonomiyaki is a famous and recognisable food and is mainly associated with Kansai and Hiroshima.
Okonomiyaki started out as a cheap alternative to rice as it was scarce during World War II. It was served to children and now this trend continues and grows, shaping Japan's culture along with it. Okonomiyaki may have started a simple, yet over the years more ingredients have been added and Japan gained a new cultural aspect, Teppanyaki. Though not solely associated with Teppanyaki, Okonomiyaki is one of the most related dishes. Teppanyaki is a style of cooking and what most would call a big cultural aspect of Japan. Teppanyaki is cooking with an iron griddle
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