Japanese and their Identity Essay

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The novel “When the Emperor was Divine” is about a Japanese family who was sent to the internment camp based on propagandized information. Otsuka portrayed what happened to those who were Japanese during WWII and how it affected many Japanese-Americans. In “When the Emperor was Divine” the characters , the woman,the boy, and the girl used to all have a positive character. The woman was a strong mom who dealt things on her own. The girl and the boy were Japanese-American and does things normal Americans do. However, during WWII, many factors have changed based on stereotypes.The characters once saw themselves as strong Americans but stereotypes of the Japanese as they were in the internment camp caused the characters to become weaker,saw themselves as the enemies ,and was disconcerted that the fact that the characters were Japanese.

The characters who were once strong became weaker physically and emotionally.The boy was an average American, talked American , did everything just like the American. During WWII he and his family was sent to the internment camp cluelessly. Obviously this didn't made any sense to him, he was “ worried he was there because he done something horribly wrong”(57).The boy didn’t know why they had to go to the camp. The boy thinking about reasons he was there lead him thinking negatively. His mind was filled with questions ,why, which made him worried more and more.Worrying isn’t getting stronger and stronger but weaker and weaker because your mind is…

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