Japan's Economic Efforts After the Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011

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Marketing Japan:
Towards a Better Future
In the month of March 2011, Japan was struck hard by a natural disaster. This earthquake was known as the “Great East Japan Earthquake” which caused a tsunami (Euromonitor, 2013). Tourism in Japan was at a standstill for about year until 2012. During the year of 2011, Japanese people did not travel and “people refrained from leisure activities” (Euromonitor, 2013). About a year after the earthquake, tourism grew and there was “an increased desire to travel” (Euromonitor, 2013). The population of Japan is 128 million people, with a major city (Tokyo) which is home to 35 million people (Berger, 2010). According to Berger, Japan is “third in the world for money spent on research and development”
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There is a need to develop an action plan and apply goals relative to the organization’s purpose. Their action plan was to reach 18 million visitors by 2016 (Euromonitor, 2013). And by 2030 approximately 30 million a year. That a 12 million visitor increase. Japanese government is looking to focus on opening up tourism “markets of Southeast Asian countries” (Euromonitor, 2013). The outcome “of inbound visitors is expected to increase by 7%” (Euromonitor, 2013). With the relaxed visa requirements, there has been a fast growth of tourists to Japan in 2012. The highest number of inbound arrivals were from Thailand and increased 77% with 257,000 trips (Euromonitor, 2013). Under the campaign there were promotions such as TV shows in Indonesia focusing on Japanese culture.
Target Market
The target market of Japan is the visitors from the Southeast Asia region. The Southeast Asia region includes Thai, Malaysian, and Indonesia. By targeting these visitors, it is a new hope for “promising markets for Japan’s tourism industry”. Japan should also target the increased retiree population. In Japan the senior citizens have a passion for travelling. Japan’s travel companies have accommodated this target market. With the new demographic changing, there is a need for operators to take a grasp on accommodating this target market (Euromonitor, 2013).

Marketing Process
The marketing process is one that should “enhance
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