Japan's Global Growth and What You Doing App

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I. Executive Summary This paper explores Japan's global opportunities and the launching of an instant messaging application called WYD, which is an acronym for "What you doing". This application allows users to send each other unlimited text, messaging, images, video, audio media messages and make VoIP calls free. A survey conducted by research group comScore’s MobiLens service found that three out of every four Japanese consumers use their cell phones to browse the Web, access applications or download contents. This compares to 44% in the United States and 39% in Europe (Wakabayashi, 2010). II. Environmental Review Economic Environment As Japan moved into the information age, they were determined to develop into new…show more content…
In 1993, the Japanese government restructured their environmental law system and legislated the Basic Environmental Law. The law includes restriction of industrial emissions, restriction of products, restriction of wastes, improvement of energy conservation, promotion of recycling, restriction of land utilization, arrangement of environmental pollution control programs, relief of victims and provision for sanctions (Okafor, 2011). There are three basic environmental principles that the Basic Environmental Law, which are: 1. Enjoyment and future succession of environmental blessings 2. Creation of a society ensuring sustainable development with reduced environmental load 3. Active promotion of global environmental conservation through international cooperation (The Basic Environment Law and Basic Environment Plan, 2012) III. Buyers and Competitors Buyer Behavior Mobile messages are becoming big business as scores of new and established mobile messaging apps add social networking features and compete to meet the growing demand free mobile calling and SMS services (Walker, 2014). In Japan, there are 111 million cell phone users, with 92.5 million being users of data services. In a survey conducted in 2010 by Impress R&D, found that Japan had 69 million cell phone internet users. The Japanese Smartphone users tend to use instant messaging more so than making a
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