Japan´s Involvement with Pearl Harbor

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December 7th 1941 will always be a day that lives in infamy; the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in an effort to gain access to more resources for war. Thousands were injured and four battleships were sinking to the seafloor, this triggered war on Japan and ultimately the dropping of the atom bomb. Japan is a country that needs to trade to get their resources because their country doesn’t have its own resources. In 1940 Japan decided to ally themselves with the Axis powers, such as Germany. The U.S. saw this as the Japanese getting too strong so they chose to place an embargo on the country and cut them off from valuable resources such as oil. Japan needed these resources in order to last for longer than a few months in the war. The only way to obtain more resources was to attack the South-East Asian resources. The only thing holding the Japanese back was fear that the U.S. Pacific Fleet would intervene on their attack. The Japanese’ Admiral Yamamoto was planning and simulating air attacks on the Pacific Fleet many months before they actually decided they’d actually do it. They hoped that diplomatic talks would solve the problem but they didn’t fall through so the attack was there to fall back on. General Tojo Hideki secretly set November 29th as the date that the Japanese would accept a settlement without going to war. The Japanese planned to attack Burma, Malaya, the East Indies, and the Philippines, in addition to establishing a defensive perimeter in the central and
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