Jarassic Park Essay

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(Pages 1-50) 1. Explain how the biotechnological revolution is different from past scientific changes in the world It's different because it means more advances in medicine and that means a better human life span. 2. What problems can be foreseen in biotechnology? Biotechnology is unpredictable and dangerous but biotechnology can be useful in many ways. 3. What type of animal did the lizard-like creature that Tina plays with resemble? The lizard resembled a Basilisks amoratus , a striped basilisk lizard. 4. Describe the problem Marty Gutierrez is faced with. He has to choose whether to tell the bowmen’s he doesn’t know what lizard is or not. 5. Why is Costa Rica ecologically unique? Costa Rica has…show more content…
Where is the lysine found? They take the lysine out of the animal so it can’t live outside the park. They give the animal’s lysine through their food. 7. Explain Malcolm’s point on dinosaur behavior on page 120. Malcolm states that the dinosaurs have learned that humans are easy to eat. 8. Who is John Arnold? John Arnold is the engineer/park supervisor 9. Describe the problem Malcolm has with the height distribution graph of the Procompsognathids. Malcolm states that the height distribution is the same as a regular breeding animal. 10. Describe some of the fundamental problems Arnold has with the park as he argues with Hammond. Arnold talks about auto poop, the fence, the v-raptors, the food, and the cars. 11. Who is Muldoon? Explain his problems with the park. Muldoon is the game warden and he thinks the animals are dangerous. 12. Which dinosaur was responsible for the death of the construction worker early in the novel? How is this dinosaur adapted for hunting? The animal is a Velocirapter. It is adapted to hunting in packs. 13. What evidence does Grant uncover pointing towards the dinosaur population breeding? Grant finds eggshells in the forest. 14. How does Malcolm explain the problem with the computer dinosaur tracking method? What does this data confirm? The computer only searches for as many dinosaurs as you

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