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“Discuss in choreographic terms the use of space in Jardi Tancat. In your answer, refer to the variety of configurations or groupings of dancers.” ‘Jardi Tancat’ which is Catalonian for ‘enclosed garden’ was Nacho Duato’s first major choreography. The work explores the hardship and sorrow of the Catalonian people as they struggle working in the barren, water stricken Catalonian land. Duato has portrayed this concept through the powerful movement of three female and three male dancers, all dressed in cool brown, red and purple earthy colours’ which represent their connection to the land. Throughout the entire performance the dancers’ are surrounded by a line of haunting tree branches which provide physical as well as visual boundaries…show more content…
The third section of Duato’s work is performed by the female dancers. They represent the emotive response to the hardship of working and living on a poverty stricken land. In this section we see a contrast in the dynamics, the levels become a lot more dramatic and passionate and the dynamics become heavier so as to portray the sorrow, yearning and grieving for the land and to plead with God to bless them with water. Curved body lines are used to represent images of hardship as well as other representational shapes used to convey their domestic chores. Dimension of movement in this section is small and contracted to convey a struggle and inner turmoil, in contrast to the male dancers who move around the space with strength and aggression. Section four is performed by all of the six dancers. This section unifies them as a family and reveals, through their movements, the working together towards a common goal, looking to god and praying for the rain to come. Duato has choreographed constricted shapes such as contractions with the focus downward and plies in second, followed by a high release towards the heavens in a helpless call to god and then returning to the contracted shape again. This is to convey the yearning and sorrow of the people. The different levels seen throughout this section such as the low levels with the focus downward when they are working together planting and harvesting the crops also shows their connection to the land and the high

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