Jared Granger Identity

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The design of Jared Granger site has a clean, simple homepage that shows his name and his brief introduction. This site has his projects name with the full image of a project on each page with the black box, “View Projects”, which are directed to his projects pages. Also, the design has “Contact” link for people to contact him and his social network links for people to view his profile page and projects. These projects have shown the designers’ creativity and ideas in typography, logo, and corporate identity, which is attracted to audiences. The design identity relates to the designer’s perception of his work because they are visualized through the designer’s ideas and creativity and used them to be demonstrated and visible in their works and this site allows an audience to use their insights and opinions on their tone, style, personality, and perception of the designer’s works.

Through Jared Granger’s Behance portfolio, Granger presenting and marketing his works on logos and design identity for artists and audiences to views, share, appreciate, and follow their projects. His works have attracts audiences and persuade them to follow the designer profile
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Their Behance portfolios are in the small views, for audiences to see and explore the details of the images when they enter the project page and allows them to appreciate and share their work. The reason for that differences is marketing strategies. They market their projects to appeal to the audience and exhibit their work to inspire the audiences. These images can turn the viewer attention on the tone and details of the images, create a desire to explore, and give feedbacks on images. This strategy can increase the audience’s desire to learn the personality of the images and keep their interests in
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