Jarnshaw Death

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Family is one of the most important parts of growing up, but when it is overtaken by a fatal flaw, the everlasting effects can be devastating. Self destruction is a tragic part of the Earnshaw family because death is always lurking around the corner, waiting to trigger this cruel curse. The three members of the family who suffer eerily relate to death in the same manner and live a depressing life that strangely connects to an ongoing nightmare. The tragic death of a controlling father figure ironically foreshadows the self destruction of his children through torture, death and the loss of a son. Watching a loved one pass away is never an enjoyable experience, but for Catherine Earnshaw it is the exact opposite of misery. As Mr. Earnshaw is…show more content…
After his wife passes away, the relationship between Hindley and Hareton is severely damaged the minute he claims he does not want his son in his lonely life. As a child, Hareton is deathly afraid of his father after a life threatening experience that Hindley is responsible for. During this incident, Hindley is drunk and does not pay attention to the fact that his son’s life is literally in his own hands. After this happens, Nelly explains, “Poor Hareton was squalling and kicking in his father’s arms with all his might, and redoubled his yells when he carried him upstairs and lifted him over the banister” (Bronte 72). This quote supports how scared the child truly is, but he is also too young to fully understand what is happening. Moments of fear turn into years of hatred as Hareton develops a execrate passion for his father. On the other hand, Hindley is constantly drinking all the time and severely mistreats the people around him. Thormahlen quotes, “At one point, Isabella thinks that he is 'on the verge of madness - though it has to be admitted that Hindley's lifestyle over the past five years or so could have reduced the most strong-minded man to that state, and Isabella is of course no medical authority” (Thormahlen). Verbal abuse is a common occurrence that involves Hindley because he cannot handle his own self destruction, and the servants in the house are deathly afraid that one day the abuse will turn physical. A shy servant quotes, “His treatment of the latter was enough to make a fiend of a saint. And truly it appeared as if the lad were possessed of something diabolical at that period” (Bronte 64). Hindley’s life choices over the course of five years strongly support his self destructive tendencies and the progression that has claimed his behavior proves this as well. The clear mistake he makes is to abandon the people he loves; resorting to
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