Jarrel Plantation Research Paper

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Oconee National Forest, 711 Jarrell Plantation Rd, Juliette, GA 31046In 1847, John Fitz Jarrel built a heart pine plantation and also furnished it with his own two hands. Thirteen years later, he owned almost 40 slaves and had at least 600 acres that he used for farming. The Jarrel Plantation was mainly an Antebellum cotton farm, but produced other food crops and a grazing area for livestock. John gained 400 more acres by the end of the civil war,When John died the house was passed on to his son who built a sawmill, cotton gin, gristmill, shingle mill, planer, sugar cane press, syrup evaporator, workshop, barn and outbuildings . He also built a house for him and his family, which consisted of 12 children. The plantation is now a historic site.
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