Jarrod's 'Hair': A Narrative Fiction

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It was funny that, when together, no matter their age, even grown men reverted to the discussions of horny teenage schoolboys, when alone, and discussing a woman. The moment Dan had kicked off his shoes, removed the glass from his friend's hand, and relaxed in one of the leather chairs, Jarrod had began to question him. Who was she, how old was she, what did she look like, how was her body, how dhd did she react, did she know what she was in for, and more." The host had just smiled, and responded to each with silence, and a shake of his head, providing no further information to his friend, than the comment he'd made upon entering. Not that Jarrod minded. In the end, it was an integral part of the game; that they should meet her only on the night in question, and the men knew the…show more content…
In a woollen grey, three-piece Armani suit, with a light blue silk shirt, and mauve silk tie, the six foot two, dark haired man cut a handsome figure and his eyes piercing blue eyes were alight with amusement when they shook hands. It was the least Dan could do for their prospective scholarship recipient to ensure that, whilst none of the men would ever grace the cover of a modelling magazine, that at least each of them was attractive enough in their own right. "I hope you've arranged some talent for tomorrow night, I didn't fly in simply for a game of golf, and to tell you how much money I've made, you know." "Nice suit." Dan nodded as he waved for his friend to enter, thinking that the suit bag Karl had slung over his shoulder most likely contained a tuxedo. As he'd provided money to Jasmine to purchase an outfit for the evening, the men also took care to dress appropriately, and to provide the evening an air of class. At the outset anyway, by the end of the night, most people would consider what had occurred to have been anything but classy. "We'll know in an hour or two." Dan shut the door behind them, and ushered Karl to the small
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