Ja's Encounter With Mild Dehydration

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REASON FOR ENCOUNTER JA is concerned about her son TA who is encountering mild dehydration caused by enteritis diarrhea and was directed to this pharmacy in order to receive an Oral Rehydration product and also dosing of that product. SUBJECTIVE BACKGROUND DESCRIPITION: TA is a 3-year-old white male child, brought in to the clinic by his mother JA, for mild dehydration. JA stated that TA’s symptoms as general malaise. TA has had 4 watery stools in the last 24 hours. JA reports that her son hasn’t urinated yet that morning which is about 6 hours. She also reports that he has a dry, sticky mouth and his skin is dry to the touch. JA says he is generally tired and is less active than usual. At first TA’s diarrhea started mild, but has increased…show more content…
His mother JA is directed to measure 6 fluid ounces using a measuring cup, and transfer the whole measured quantity into a sipping cup. She is instructed to give the product as it is (No other fluids or ice is to be added to Pedialyte). JA is instructed to give TA 5 ounces of pedialyte to replace fluid lost to the loose stool, If TA experiences another bout of diarrhea during treatment or after completing the first 4 hours of treatment. The fluid is to be given during an additional hour of treatment. These also includes his daily maintenance…show more content…
It has the correct fluid amount for the patient and providing an appropriate balance of electrolytes. The dose was calculated from the Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs by taking the mild treatment for dehydration 50 mL/kg. I used this value since TA’s diarrhea was mild. TA’s weight is 14.54 kg; this value is used to get the mL value to administer (727 mL). Then converted to fluid ounces for ease of patient understanding (24.57 fluid ounces). So I took this value and divided it by four hours to get the dose per hour. This resulted to 6.14 fluid ounces which I rounded down to 6 fluid ounces per hour. 5 ounces of pedialyte is to be administered for every loose stool TA has. The value also comes from the Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs by taking 10 mL/kg times 14.5 kg and converted to fluid ounces. I selected this product because it being a ready to use product is a benefit of the product and the formulation is simple to use. It’s osmolarity is very related to the guidelines of WHO’s 2006 ORS. Also, it comes in various flavors which will promote patient compliance and TA will enjoy using the product. According to the Handbook of Nonprescription Drugs and
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