Jasmine Mote Music Analysis

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In The effects of tempo and familiarity on children’s affective interpretation of music, Jasmine Mote discusses the study of a child’s ability to determine emotions from the tempo and familiarity of a song in comparison to that of an adult. The goal of this study was to see when young children begin to recognize emotion through the tempo (speed of music in beats per minute) of a song. In the study, 61 children (24 female) ages 3-5 were used and 24 adults were used (19 female). Each participant listened to 12 songs that were either fast familiar, fast unfamiliar, slow familiar, or slow unfamiliar. Fast songs had a tempo of 220 bpm, slow songs had a tempo of 90 bpm, familiar songs included “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Bingo,” “London Bridge is
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