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Who's Jason Anson... Exactly A no-name blogger with exactly TWO, yes TWO whole posts to his credit. I wrote this story NOT to make fun of him but, to point out that as with anyone who starts writing, it is easy to find a hot button issue and then take that side, be it left or right and write an article to get some cheap praise.

Mr Anson writes for the "American Blog" and one of his TWO stories he goes waaaaaaaay out on a limb and bashes America in his, "America holds its own version of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival Every. Single. Day. "

Of course this is typical of people trying to make a name for themselves "Bash America" is the theme of every great progressive who curries favor with the left.

Of course it would be wonderful if their story
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What makes America great is not the fact that we think we are perfect... In fact, we all believe we are not even close to perfection but, like civil rights for everyone, or this weeks Supreme courts decision that not only a man and woman have the right but all people have the right to be married,

What makes America great is the fact that we will change, we will right a wrong and even if it takes decades. Along the way we will stumble and even fall but, we will eventually find our way to making the right decision.

What makes America great is we will not stand on "Tradition" as an excuse, or in some way use that "Tradition" to justify our actions. We will use the word "Tradition" as a stop gap excuse but then over the course of days, months and years we will examine this "Tradition" and one day we will adjust our thinking. An example of this is the current "Confederate Flag" situation.

It was incrediably sad that in America a tragedy is usually the tipping point in changing our laws and views but, this is true with any issue in life and in every country that has ever graced this planet, a tragedy is usually the impetus for
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