Jason Kanigan's Argument Essay

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Jason Kanigan, President at Sales On Fire states that a company can choose from alternatives and get a mix of methods going: direct mail, phone prospecting, online advertising, print advertising etc. At the beginning, though, one needs to control costs. Therefore, the best advertising you and establishment can get is by phone prospecting. It's cheap: all you need is a telephone and a mouth. And if you're smart about how you do it, you can sort buyers from non-buyers in a stress-free way that is too quick. However, it's slow at the start. It's like those pond lilies that start in one corner, take forever to cover the pond out of the corner, then suddenly they cover half the pond and then the next day have taken over 100% of the surface. But at the start it's slow. The circle of…show more content…
Unless the business has studied this field and know how to do it, it is better to pay the pro. This way one can just stick to getting the product made and out the door to the customer.
Also, it is a wise way that social media and social networking can be used to get things going. And there are parts of that which are free. For instance, it doesn’t cost you anything to make a Facebook or Twitter account for your business and promote that people like your page. And keep media pumping out on these pages. This way the people who liked your page can continue to see the products you create and want it.
It is also best to research this out because you know better than anyone what you can afford to pay for advertising. Google search and see what you find. You could find the right thing for your business and can expand your business and pay for more and sometimes better advertising. Just a thing to remember here is to make sure that you are actually getting more money in when paying for advertising. You can easily spend a fortune on it if you are not careful and not get anything in
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