Jasper Jones Analysis

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Jasper Jones (2017) by Kate Mulvany has certainly influenced my understanding of 1960s Australian society. There have been many societal changes since that era, and this text helps me realise just how many there have been. The main changes I have noticed from the text include the text’s main themes of family, sexism, and racism. Jasper Jones gave me an insight into what family life was like in the 1960s. Charlie Bucktin lived during a time where the family living standards were very different to the ones in present contemporary Australian society. Charlie lived in a nuclear family, meaning a mother and father living together with their biological children. This was the norm for most families during the 1960s. However, this family is not the best role model because there are many issues inside the Bucktin house. Charlie was physically abused by his mother Ruth Bucktin, as can be seen when he arrives home and the first thing that happens is ‘Charlie is slapped hard on the bum by MRS BUCKTIN, a beat…she slaps him again’ (I, vii). This can be justified by some because most parents would be protective of their children through discipline when they think a kidnapper is on the streets. However, many parents in today’s day and age would not consider this an acceptable punishment because they have been socialised to not physically punish their child and would punish their child by some other means. Yet in the 1960s it was a time when physical punishment was an accepted behaviour,
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