Jasper Jones Chapter Summary Essay

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Chapter 1 -Chapter 1 introduces the two main characters, Jasper Jones and Charlie. -The chapter begins with Jasper coming to Charlie's window in the middle of the night and asking Charlie to leave his house in order to help him. -Charlie seems to feel honoured that Jasper has asked for his help. Charlie describes Jasper. -Jasper explains that he needs Charlie's help but he won't tell him why. -They walk through their town, Corrigan, until Jasper stops to smoke a cigarette in front of the house of the town's Mad Jack Lionel. -Jasper tells him this is not where they're going and keep walking. Charlie tells us that Jasper has a bad reputation in their town, because of his skin colour he is severely blamed and mistreated.…show more content…
Chapter 6 -He's still grounded he goes to Eliza's -Jeffrey was on the cricket team, everyone is crazy angry Jeffrey is really happy Charlie's mum accused his father of being a bad parent and husband captain warick trent is angry at Jeffrey cause he drops a catch booed by everybody talking about random scenarios lunch break Charlie sees Eliza, Charlie sits with her team doing badly, Jeffrey bats really well Eliza and charlie hold hands Jeffrey wins the game for them Eliza tells charlie that she has been pretending Japer went to see charlie when he was grounded on the side of Jack Lionel's old car door is the word sorry Jeffreys garden is being destroyed Charlie's dad comes to the rescue mother goes ot bed and charlies dad ask if he is okay CHAPTER 7 Charlie's dad is writing a book and his dad asks him to read it Jasper needs charlie to go and confront Jack Lionel Jack Lionel says yes he did kill him Charlie doesn't believe Jack, Jack was talking about Japers mother Jack didn't know anything about Laura
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