Jasper Jones

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On the AMC hit television show, Mad Men, the main character Don Draper spoke very powerful words when he said, “People tell you who they are but we ignore it, because we want them to be who we want them to be.”. The main character of the novel written by Craig Silvey titled, Jasper Jones dealt with the troubles of, as Don Draper said, people ignoring who somebody is simply because we want them to be who we want. Set in 1965 in a small West Australian town called Corrigan, main character, Charlie Butkin is faced with the fear of being drafted into war with Vietnam and seeing his friends treated poorly by others because of racism. The novel kick starts, however, when Charlie is interrupted by Jason Jones tapping on his window asking Charlie…show more content…
The characters in the story saw exactly just how twisted and heartless people can be in this world, and that just because you are seen one way it does not mean that that way is true. The quote of Don Draper about how we see people as what we want them to be goes hand in hand with the theme of Jasper Jones,which was growing up and seeing the world how it really is, and not just how you thought it was when you were

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