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EO Just because someone doesn't agree with your perspective doesn't mean we aren't watching the same show. Shit, I could've sworn I was commenting on a TO video.

"When Elijah said never in a million years has he been so frightened"

I understand that the character said that but with all of the dangerous and life threatening situations the Mikaelson's have been put in I don't believe that. I don't believe that nothing that has ever happened to him or his siblings have never frightened him to the same extent or more.

The actual quote is that he can't recall a time he's been so frightened not that he's never been so frightened. That could have more than one meaning. It could mean he can't remember feeling so frightened because it's been so
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Hell, Marcel knew about that.

As for the Daniel Gillies comment what I meant by that was, while it is supposed to be portrayed as Hayley and Elijah being in love - That's what the writers and actors/actresses are trying to convey - and while that does show for some viewers it doesn't for me.

"True he had relationships with those people, it doesn't mean he let them in."

I can believe that with his relationship with Katerina but Celeste and Tatia, no. Elijah was in love with Celeste, you mean to tell me that only Hayley broke through his barriers? I don't believe that at all. Elijah said, "I let this person in. I let her in. I don't let people in." Maybe it's just a rare occurrence? Or maybe Celeste and Tatia were let in without him consciously doing so? It doesn't add up.

"Why do you also think Rebecca when she was cursed and attacking everyone told Hayley that she breaks Elijah heart everyday he sees her with Jackson."

Elijah is in love with her that's why.

"They are endgame, even his whole family sees it, they have watched Elijah for a 1000 years and see the impact Hayley has on him..but like you said you are entitled to your own opinion
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