Jasper Jones Study Notes

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2. * ‘This late, the architecture is desolate and reached of colour’’ symbolic, suggests of life having been washed out in the town-devoid of colour.
• “She swipes the curtain back, pleased to see me. She even has sunflowers on the windowsill” – Pathetic Fallacy * Miner’s hall – The hall is full of people for the new years fireworks. “There’s an enormous bonfire in the pebbled car park of the Miners hall, a pyramid of old railway sleepers feeding the flame. Against the wall of the hall, there are crates of fireworks”. “Behind the hall they’ve shovelled coals into a long hole”. “People spill out of the hall like wasps from a hive”. Pg 296. * Inside the cottage- “The inside of the cottage is dim. Its strange light the colour of egg
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‘He’s involved. He’s red. He’s a red! Fucking! Rat!’(p. 204) * Jasper says of his status ‘They reckon I’m just half an animal with half a vote’ (pp.22-23). Indigenous people were not counted in the population census with other citizens until 1967. Instead, they were counted as part of the flora and fauna, hence Jasper’s reference to ‘half an animal’. In 1962 voting rights were extended to Indigenous people under the Commonwealth franchise but voting was not compulsory as it was for other citizens. Hence, ‘half a vote’.

6. * Charlie suggests that his father is also an Atticus figure though without Atticus’ courage. ‘He should have been a lawyer, like Atticus Finch. But he’d have to stand up for something then’ (p. 102). Just as Jem and Scout change their views on their father when he squares off against the rabid dog, Charlie sees his father differently when he defends An Lu from his attackers.
‘He stands up, tall and intimidating. He glares with real anger. And I can’t help but feel a blush of pride seeing it. I’ve been wrong about him’ (p. 204). * There is a marked tolerance of alcoholism in powerful figures. Mr Wishart – shire president – is an acknowledged drunk. It does not appear to occur to anyone that his alcohol intake disqualifies him from public office. Eliza says, when Laura disappears, ‘My dad is just trying to be normal, which means, you know, stinking of beer and yelling a lot’. (p.89) ‘First he just refused
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