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Possible Effects of Implementing Jatropha Biodiesel as Alternative for Petroleum Diesel in the Philippines


The Oil Problem: High increases of prices of different commodities and services can now be observed in the Philippines. These increases are due to different factors such as catastrophes and global economic crisis. The government’s job is to find a way to address these problems. The most constant of these two is global economic crisis which is affected by crude oil price increases. Crude oil price affect different things that are important to the lives of Filipinos. It affects the price of food, utilities, price and many more that rely on the energy and transportation that crude oil can provide. Crude oil
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So far, biodiesel’s known advantages can be its edge against petroleum diesel. Biodiesels are famous for being environmentally friendly. Advantages: Biodiesel produce significantly lesser amount of emissions compared to petroleum fuels. It results in much less air pollution due to its higher oxygen content and lack most components contributing to the formation of pollutants. The one exception to this is nitrogen oxide emissions, which tend to be slightly higher when using biodiesel. Proper tuning of the engine can minimize this problem. Based on engine testing, using the most stringent emissions testing protocols required by Environment Protection Agency (EPA) for certification of fuels or fuel additives in the USA, the overall ozone forming potential of the hydrocarbon emissions from biodiesel was nearly 50 % less than that measured for petroleum diesel fuel. This trait of biodiesels could be able to contribute in reducing global warming which currently is getting the attention of world.

While long-term tests have not been done yet, it is safe to expect that the engines will experience less wear in the long run when using biodiesel compared to petroleum diesel.
This will make vehicles in the Philippines more efficient and will help public utility vehicle drivers like Jeepney drivers in reducing the number of maintenance they need to keep their vehicles safe to

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