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Java is an HLL (High Level Language) working on the concept of OOPs created by Sun Microsystems. Java keeps running on various OS platforms, for example, Windows, Mac OS, and the different forms of UNIX. This instructional exercise gives an entire comprehension of Java. This reference will take you through straightforward and reasonable methodologies while learning Java Programming dialect.

Difference between Java & Other (C,C++)

• JAVA vs C: C is a procedural language while JAVA is based on OOPs i.e., an object-oriented programming language. JAVA supports method overloading and bottom-up approaches while the same is not handled in C. Many features like native threads, latest exception handling techniques are not supported by C
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Features of JAVA
JAVA is amongst the widely used programming Languages. Following are the features of which completely define worth of its usage:

• Object Oriented Language: JAVA works on Class and object. Java can be effectively extented out since it depends on the Object model.
• Platform Independent: Unlike other computer languages, JAVA works on JVM which makes the compiled code into platform independent byte code.
• Simple and Secure: As JAVA is based on OOPs, so it is easier to understand it and is total secure because of its virus- free system building nature.
• Robust: Java attempts to take out mistake inclined circumstances by concentrating predominantly on compilation errors and runtime errors.
• Multithreaded: This feature of JAVA provide multi tasking simultaneously. It is very helpful in running interactive applications evenly.
• High Performance: In-built compilers of the JAVA make its performance highly recommendable

JAVA Compiler
A Java compiler is a compiler for the programming dialect Java. The most well-known type of yield from a Java compiler is Java class records containing stage unbiased Java bytecode, however there are likewise compilers that gives enhanced local machine code for a specific equipment/OS combination.

Java Programming Format

Consider following basic format for making programs in JAVA. For example:

public class MyFirstJavaProgram {

/* This is my
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