Java Programming and Inheritance

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Java Programming and Inheritance
As time continues to pass, the world we now live in is dominated by the use of technology. Technology continues to advance, and it seems, as if we can’t function without it. Whether it’s the use of technology in school or work, it is everywhere and you cannot escape it. It is important for us to be able to adapt to it and learn how the new inventions work and function properly. The Internet for example is one of the most important aspects of life today. The Internet allows us to have access to everything, and have endless information at our fingertips, whether it’s through a computer screen or through the use of a cellular device, or even a watch. Some
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Inheritance in Java refers to the complicated process where one object acquires the properties of the other. Through the use of inheritance in java, information is easily manageable and put into hierarchical order. “When we talk about inheritance, the most commonly used keywords would be extends and implements. These words would determine whether one object IS-A type of another. By using these keywords we can make one object acquire the properties of another object” (Java Programming, 2014). The use of extends takes a word and all the subclasses of that word which can inherit all of the properties of its superclass except the private properties it includes. Through the use of implements, the keywords used by classes by the inheritance from interfaces. You must always keep in mind that interfaces can never be extended by the classes. Java only allows for one single inheritance, so no one class can extend to more than one class.
Although the use of inheritances is widely used, it remains understood and lacks some properties that could always make it better. “Previous studies of inheritance have been relatively small and have generally not considered issues such as Java’s distinction between classes and interfaces, nor have they considered the use of external libraries” (Tempero, 2008). Some of the most important features, which are accepted in the inheritance in
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