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‘Operation management is the set of activities that create value in the form of goods and service by transforming inputs into outputs’.
Based on the statement, explain briefly the 10 Operation Management critical decisions i. Design of goods and services ii. Managing quality iii. Process and capacity design iv. Location strategy v. Layout strategy vi. Human resource and job design vii. Supply chain management viii. Inventory, material requirement planning, and JIT(just-in-time) ix. Intermediate and short term scheduling x. Maintenance

QUESTION 2 a) List the 5 goals for ethical and environment friendly product design i. Developing safe and environmentally
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The technique for addressing the fixed position layout are complicated by three factor. First, there is limited space at virtual all sites. Second, at different stage if a project, different material are needed and therefore different item become critical as the project develop. Thirds, the volume of material needed is dynamic. Example of this type of project is ship, a highway, a bridge, a house and an operating table in a hospital operating room. ii. Process-oriented layout
It can simultaneously handle a wide variety of product or service. This is traditional way to support a product differentiation strategy. It is most efficient when making product with different requirement or when handling customer, patient, or client with different needed. A process oriented layout is typically the low volume, high variety strategy.in this job environment, each product or each small group of product undergoes a different sequence of operations. A product or small order is produce by moving it from one department to another in the sequence required for that product. Example of this type of layout is through an inflow of a patient, each with his or her own needs, requires routing through admission and so on.
QUESTION 4 a) Differentiate with example dependent demand and independent demand inventory management system

Dependent demand
The demand for item is dependent upon the demand for some other item in the inventory. For example, the demand for toaster oven component
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