Jaws Cinematography

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During the film Steve Spielberg uses music, a mysterious shark and camera techniques such as simultaneous track and zoom, long shot, close up shots and medium shots to build suspense, tension and scare the audience. The music represents the shark, especially its movements and its presence. In the title sequence the camera is moving along the seabed like a shark. Spielberg makes the audience believe that the camera is viewing things through the shark’s eyes, he uses a camera shot called point of view shot. The music makes the shark seem a mystery because you haven’t yet seen the shark but you can feel its presence. The music clouds your vision and makes you imagine and believe something that actually isn’t even there. It builds tension…show more content…
Police Chief Brody jumps up from his tense sitting position and shouts for everybody to get out of the water. This was what Police Chief Brody was worried about. The boy, Alex is a lost cause can do nothing but scream, splash and attempt to believe he can escape from the sharks clutches. Alex is dragged down violently as he tries to gasp for breath; he is finally dragged and lost to the depths of the dark sea. The camera shot is really close up to the boy as he is fighting for his life; we see his pain, his struggle and his death. Everyone on the beach couldn’t miss the raft in the distance flip over and the blood spill into the sea. Though audience might have had to do a double take, because if you look carefully the camera does show the shark, the shark is the one that flipped over the raft. After everybody’s out of the water it is silent like the previous attack not necessarily calm but perhaps subdued shock. There is lots of clever camera techniques used in the second attack scene, which are used to create tension and fear. Close ups of Police Chief Brody looking intensely into the sea, views of the sea and the underwater camera shot where we view through the sharks eyes are all clever camera techniques which create tension and fear. The camera shots also pay close attention to detail. For example, when the man with the dog throws a stick for his dog to fetch into the sea, the camera
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