Jaws Response Paper. Throughout Steven Spielberg’S Jaws

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Jaws Response Paper Throughout Steven Spielberg’s Jaws social class and wealth play a large role in character development as well as story progression. As seen from the beginning, the town of Amity is the hotspot for vacationers and in most cases, those of higher economic status. A stark difference can be seen between the status of islanders (those who live in Amity) versus those who only come to vacation, such as between Sheriff Brody and Dr. Hooper. Money and stature are also key throughout the film as a motivator for several of the film’s characters, specifically Mayor Larry Vaughn, Quint and Dr. Hooper to drive their major decisions. In the very beginning of the film we are shown a group of teenagers having a bonfire on the beach and…show more content…
In contrast to the first incident the townspeople are now immediately swarming over the attack and searching for answers. Mrs. Kinter, in her desperation for justice, even goes as far as blaming Brody (again a non-islander) for her son’s death rather than Mayor Vaughn who had been the real culprit behind keeping the beaches open. She also enables two more examples of money and status driven character development by offering a cash reward to anyone that can catch and kill the shark that attacked her son. The character most obviously driven by financial gain is the fisherman Quint who at the town meeting immediately following the attack on Alex Kintner explains that he will bring in the shark for $10,000 instead of the $3,000 offered by Mrs. Kintner. Just as Mayor Vaughn seeks to capitalize on the summertime and tourists, Quint is interested in his own financial gain rather than the safety and wellbeing of the town. Dr. Hooper, as Mayor Vaughn points out, is also likely motivated by money and stature related to finding and killing the monstrous shark. While trying to explain how big and dangerous the shark really is, Mayor Vaughn criticizes Hooper for only wanting to get fame and fortune by having his name in a National Geographic magazine. Although he insists that he is strictly interested in the science behind the beast and protecting the people of Amity the act of discovery often can harbor monetary and status related gain. As a researcher, Hooper fully

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